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Pay for Ingredients Not Middlemen

BoxedWine.com is a Subscription Based Craft Boxed-Wine Service

It’s a fact that many mass-produced grocery store wines are crafted with low quality ingredients and use pathetic craftsmanship to compensate for their huge mark-ups. That’s why we invented BoxedWine.com — and opportunity for you to receive truly premium wines SHIPPED DIRECTLY TO YOUR DOOR. No membership fees. No penalties. No hassle. And all BoxedWine.com members get their wines shipped for a minimal $1 shipping fee.


Direct to Your Door

Sweet and Pink

The funnest Rosé Wine ever

Intensely flavored grapes, barrel fermenting and hand-crafted perfection merge to make PurseWine’s “Sweet and Pink” one of the best tasting Rosé wines ever fermented. It captures your attention with its beautiful, pale rose color and delicate aromas of and sun-ripened berries and tastes like a dream. And… it comes in a cute pink purse!

Every purse equals 2 bottles of wine

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All of BoxedWine.com wines stay fresh for over 5 WEEKS after opening!

(Normal bottles of wine from the grocery store stale within a couple of days).


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Grapes of Wrath

Craft White

Craft Red

Pure Red

Classic White

Limited Edition

BoxedWine Tank Top

Great-fitting LIMITED RUN BoxedWine Tank Top

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